BiologicalMicroscope H6000

Biological Microscope H6000

Biological Microscope H6000Spec Biological Microscope H6000

Total magnifications 40X-1600X
Eyepiece WF 10X
S-plan achromatic objectives SP10/0.25 SP25/0.40 SP40/0.65 SP100/1.25 (Oil)
Plan achromatic objectives PL10/0.25 PL25/0.40 PL40/0.65 PL100/1.25 (Oil)
Condenser NA1.25
Base Revolving switch
Built in 6V 20W halogen lamp with adjustable brightness
Optional accessories
1) Eyepieces WF10X(Pointer) WF16X
2) Heads Seidentopf binocular head
Seidentopf trinocular head
Sliding binocular head
Sliding trinocular head
3) Plan achromatic objective PL4/0.10
4) Phase contrast attachment
5) Dark field attachment Dark field condenser (N.A.0.83-0.91)
6) Polarizer attachment Polarizer slide
Analyzer slide
7) 35mm photo attachment 10X reticule eyepiece S2.5X S4X S6.3X photo eyepieces
8) C-Mount and CCD camera
9) Fluorescence attachment Incident fluorescence illuminator (B, G)
Incident fluorescence illuminator (B, G, V, UV)
DC 100W mercury lamp house (220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ)
AC 200W mercury lamp house (220V 50HZ)
10) Fluorescence objectives 25/0.65 40/1 (Glyc)
11) Side viewing attachment Two view field space 600mm

Note:“●”in the table is standard attachment. “○”is optional accessories.
Design change:To keep pace with technological advance ,we have reserved the right to make design modifications and changes without notice.

H6000 Series Optional Accessories

Items Spec. and.Parameter Order No.
Eyepieces 10X-20 EW10
10X-18(Pointer) Erg10
16X-10 EP16a
16X-14 EW16
Plan Achromat Objectives SPlan 4/0.10 B-OSPr4
Plan 4/0.10 B-OPr4
Phase Contrast Attachment Plan Positive Ph. Objectives SPlan ph10/0.25 B-OSPpr10
SPlan ph40/0.65 B-OSPpr40a
SPlan ph100/1.25(Oil) B-OSPopr100
Plan ph10/0.25 B-OPpr10
Plan ph40/0.65 B-OPpr40
Plan ph100/1.25(Oil) B-Opopr100
Plan Negative Ph. Objectives SPlan ph10/0.25 B-OSPnr10
SPlan ph40/0.65 B-OSPnr40a
SPlan ph100/1.25(Oil) B-OSPonr100Plan
Plan ph10/0.25 B-OPnr10
Plan ph40/0.65 B-OPnr40
Plan ph100/1.25(Oil) B-OPonr100
Ph.Condenser Only for SPlan Ph.Objective C06a
Ph.Condenser Only for Plan Ph.Objective C06
Centering Eyepiece 8X EC8
Main Body Worm and gear Focusing Mechanism、Quintuple Nosepiece A13a
Eyepiece Heads Binocular Head (45°Inclined;Seidentopf) TBR07
Trinocular Head (45°Inclined;Seidentopf) TTR03
Binocular Head (30°Inclined,Sliding) TB07
Trinocular Head (30°Inclined,Sliding) TT06
Binocular Head (45°Inclined,Sliding) TB08
Trinocular Head (45°Inclined,Sliding) TT07
Dark Field Attachment Dark Field Condenser (N.A. 0.83-0.91) C07
Polarizing Attachment Polarizer Slide PO01
Analyzer Slide PA01
Photo Attachment 10X Reticule Eyepiece EPr10b
2.5X Photo Eyepiece EPHn2.5
4X Photo Eyepiece EPHn4
6.3X Photo Eyepiece EPHn6.3
135 Photo Device ( With 4x Photo Eyepiece) MP03
TV and Video Attachment C-mount Adaptor、Color or Black and White Monitor、CCD Camera TV02
Epi-fluorescence Attachment Epi-fluorescence Main Body (B.G.V.UV) FD08
Power Supply Case of 200W Mercury Lamp 31X.3
200W Mercury Lamp House 31X.2.2
Side Viewing Attachment Two View Field Space 600mm TB06
Epi-illumination Attachment 6V20W Halogen Tungsten Lamp (With Reflector) H09
Filter ¢32 (Green、Amber) CU02-2、3
Image Analysis and Disposal System